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Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado

Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado

People who suffer from porn addiction often have poor relationships because they put pornography above other important functions and responsibilities in their lives. Consequently, their well-being and career are also affected.

Some people have been able to shake off this addiction by themselves, while others have had to seek healing for sex and porn addiction from professionals.

This article will compare both options so you could get a clear perspective of what they entail.

The DIY Treatment Route

Most folks who struggle with porn/masturbation believe it is something they can handle themselves, so they often do some of the following:

Talk to Someone: They get over their feelings of shame and guilt and share their struggles with someone close to them who they believe can hold them accountable. It also gives them some relief.

Making It Difficult To Watch Pornography: Some people try to do this by:

  • Permitting restrictions on their phones and TV subscriptions
  • Setting up  internet filters for porn sites on their desktops

Figuring and Managing Their Triggers: Porn/masturbation addiction is a compulsive behavior with emotional or situational triggers. Some people have been able to identify theirs, and they find ways to avoid them.

Getting Involved In More Physical and Social Activities: To some folks, this helps stave the boredom and loneliness that often serves as triggers for porn/masturbation addiction.

The Professional Treatment Route

This is the route taken by people who realize that they need help. Some of them had previously tried the DIY route with little or no success. Here is what porn addiction treatment in Boulder entails:

Therapy: Depending on the nature of the porn/addiction problem, people looking for help might require any of the following types of therapy, individual, group, or couples’ counseling, or have some joint sessions with your partner.

Support Groups: Support groups offer strength and reassurance as you get to meet people facing the same struggles as you. They also offer ideas and coping mechanisms that could help you through.

You also participate in exercises and tasks that help reduce shame and increase insight and awareness while facilitating correct attachment experiences.


Evidence suggests that the same receptors in the brain might be responsible for substance use disorders and behavioral addictions. So when therapy does not work, some doctors might recommend certain medications.

The DIY Treatment or Professional Treatment?

The DIY route might be the more romantic route, but it is the least effective because porn addiction changes how the brain works. Such deep-seated issues require the expertise and experience of professionals trained to handle them. So, if you are struggling with sex addiction and you live in the Boulder area, your best bet is to get sex addiction treatment in Boulder.

Get the help you need! 

Are you or anyone you know struggling with porn addiction? Do not hesitate to contact the addiction treatment professionals at Begin Again Institute. Our facility provides a conducive environment and highly specialized treatment programs to give you a shot at leading a new life. Contact the world’s leading intensive healing facility for sex and porn addictions and intimacy disorders on 720/702-4608.

Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado
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Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado Porn Addiction Treatment Colorado