Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers

Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers

We are a leading addiction treatment center with drug rehab treatment centers in California and other parts of the country. Let us walk with you on your recovery journey today.

Rehab Programs

Overcoming addiction is hard. Our program offers you the education, tools, and support you need to complete treatment and maintain recovery. Some people suffer from addiction issues and are unsure if rehab is right. We help you understand addiction by walking with you and helping you discover if you are an addict. If you have been unsuccessful in quitting alcohol and do not know how to operate without alcohol, you are an addict.

If substance use causes adverse effects in some life aspects and you do not know where to start if you want to quit, then our LA drug rehab facility is exactly what you need.

Treatment Options

We have the best substance abuse treatment programs at our facility that match where you are in your recovery journey. We offer medical detox because we know that withdrawal symptoms can be severe, uncomfortable, and painful.

We offer a partial hospitalization program for people who require help but have a mild level of addiction and strict schedules. Our patients spend time in our facility during the day and go back to their homes or accommodations near our facility. We can monitor their progress while allowing them to continue with their daily schedule.

The intensive outpatient program is suitable for patients that do not want to stay in the facility full time. Our flexible schedule allows such patients to access treatment but on their terms. As mentioned before, every client has different levels of suitable therapy. We ensure to match you with a program that suits you and your lifestyle.

Readily Available

We always have an experienced admissions executive ready to answer the phone, answer your queries and gather the information that will assist in finding the right program that works for you. You are not a bother, and that is why we do not mind spending time answering all your questions.

Treatment Length

The recovery journey varies from patient to patient. How long you stay in our top rehab centers in Los Angeles depends on the program you choose and your commitment. Some patients stay in one stage of recovery longer than others. Our focus is giving you the needed support at your pace.


Our staff is friendly, professional, and client-focused. We provide a transition from detox to smooth treatment programs. Our team is well trained in handling any situation while remaining compassionate, caring, and professional.

Serene Environment

We create an atmosphere that fosters peace and healing so that clients can have what they need for recovery. Our case managers are proactive and helpful, and they possess the ability to handle every aspect of the patient's stay in our drug and alcohol rehab campuses. They assist in coordinating doctor, dentist, and therapist appointments through every phase of a client's stay.

We provide personal counselors who meet with clients every week. They help the clients set up a recovery plan and stick to them. They help clients realize the root of their addiction and solve such issues.

Please reach out to Profound LA today at 310-929-9546 or email admissions@profoundtreatment.com to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs.

Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers
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Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers