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Assisted Living Overland Park

Assisted Living Overland Park

Colonial Village is a premier assisted living in Overland Park with options for short-term and long-term rehab. Our community enables seniors to lead a dynamic and healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and upscale facility.

What makes us the #1 assisted living community in Overland park?

Ranked as the best Overland Park assisted living facility, we offer the most comfortable atmosphere for our residents to spend their retirement life with zeal and zest. Our 1- and 2-bedroom apartments are bright and spacious and come with an array of in-built safety features.

We provide residents with nutritious and gourmet meals three times a day and ensure short-term and long-term rehab options at affordable prices.

What can help in getting my senior to adjust to assisted living?

Moving your senior into one of our assisted living facilities in Overland Park, KS, can be a difficult decision to make. Here's how you can make the transition easy and seamless for them:

  • Visit them often, and encourage your senior to socialize with others.
  • Help them decorate their apartment with some of their most memorable and treasured possessions and personalize their space to their liking.
  • It can take several months for the resident to fully adjust to their new environment. Hence, be patient and reassure them with constant encouragement.

As the best assisted living facilities in Wyandotte County, KS, we create a home-like ambiance for our residents and make their transition less hard on them. Our compassionate and friendly staff team creates a fun and exuberant atmosphere for our seniors by organizing fun leisure activities for our residents.

Difference between a senior living and nursing home

A senior living and a nursing home are two different types of living arrangements for seniors. Learning about the core differences between them can help you settle with the right one for you or your loved one. Some of the differences between a senior living and a nursing home are:

  1. Care and services 

Residents in a nursing home receive around-the-clock clinical care from an experienced medical team and care staff. Nursing homes are ideal for older adults dealing with more complex health care conditions.

On the other hand, assisted living homes in KC, Kansas, are perfect for seniors who live alone or in isolation but are healthy and active. These communities offer a sense of affiliation and allow seniors to live among people of their age group.

  1. Accommodation and infrastructure

Nursing homes look like an institution because of the type of clinical care provided to residents. Our senior living communities in Kansas City, Kansas, resemble an upscale apartment community.

  1. Privacy and quality of life

Nursing homes primarily focus on improving your loved one's life. Alternatively, independent living offers private accommodation to seniors and offers them access to modern amenities like fitness centers, a pool, a salon and spas, on-site restaurants, etc., and engages residents in recreational activities periodically.

Call Colonial Village at (913) 730-3700 to schedule a tour around our facility. As a preeminent assisted living in Overland Park, our residents enjoy world-class amenities and receive round-the-clock care and support from a team of friendly and experienced professionals.

Assisted Living Overland Park
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Assisted Living Overland Park Assisted Living Overland Park Assisted Living Overland Park