drug rehab California

drug rehab California

Finding urgent drug rehab in California is imperative when dealing with aggravated addiction and advanced withdrawal symptoms. Enlight Treatment Center offers customizable substance use services in a comforting, secure, and home-like environment.

Do you offer detox services?

Yes, we offer patient-oriented detox to help patients overcome the withdrawal, achieve a more balanced state of mind, and help them cope with withdrawal easier. The procedure will take place in our luxurious facility, under continuous professional supervision.

How long with the detox treatment last?

The treatment’s duration often varies depending on the addiction’s severity, the presence of co-occurring mental disorders, and the patient’s progress and response to treatment. Generally, the procedure will last up to two weeks.

Will the rehab treatment be painful?

The detox treatment may involve some physical and psychological discomfort which is only natural when dealing with severe withdrawal. The benefit of detoxing in our facility is that our rehab clinicians will make sure to ensure an as comfortable detox experience as possible.

Will I relapse during the rehab treatment?

While relapse is normal during the rehab treatment, the chances of you relapsing while completing our alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, are minimal to non-existent. You will have no access to drugs or alcohol and will remain at our facility for the residential treatment’s entire duration. During the rehab treatment, our professionals will train you in relapse prevention strategies, helping you remain sober and prevent relapse in the long run as well.

Do you offer mental health services?

Yes, we do. Our dual diagnosis program offers clinical and psychiatric assistance to patients dealing with co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. We also offer comprehensive medical and psychological care to individuals struggling with anger issues, stress, shame, grief and loss, and so on. All these treatment modalities are part of a patient-centered approach that promotes a well-rounded and unique recovery experience.

Is your rehab treatment expensive?

The treatment’s cost will vary depending on the program’s specifics. A patient requiring the full rehabilitation experience will pay more than another who may only need detox services. We work with prominent insurance companies to provide our patients with the care and medical services they need, but we also have alternative payment options available for those lacking insurance. Whether it’s cash pay, private pay, or loans, our team will work with you to find out the optimal solution to your financial problems.

What treatment services do you offer?

Our premier substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County include gambling addiction care, dual diagnosis assistance, and Incidental Medical Services (IMS). We advise contacting our rehab clinicians and asking information about our drug rehab and alcohol treatment for a full list of therapies and rehab services.

Enlight Treatment Center is one of the most renowned facilities in the area, with an unbeaten track record and a unique rehab and recovery approach. If you require immediate drug rehab in California, call 1-866-604-0727, make an appointment, and come in for clinical assessment detox and rehab care today!

drug rehab California
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drug rehab California
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drug rehab California drug rehab California