drug rehab Indianapolis

drug rehab Indianapolis

If you or a loved one is abusing drugs, there is a great chance that you or the loved one will need professional treatment to stop drug misuse. However, knowing when you or someone you love is at the stage where they need rehab can be challenging. But if you know the signs of drug addiction, you can quickly seek professional help. Here are common signs of drug addiction.

Lost Control Over Drug Use

Many people can take prescription drugs without developing an addiction. But if you see yourself or a loved one using these drugs in excessive amounts, this can indicate a serious problem. Loss of control over drug use can lead to more time being spent seeking, consuming, and under the influence of drugs. These substances become your priority while other areas of your life suffer.

Showing Physical Signs Of Drug Abuse

Long-term drug abuse weakens your immune system. The more you or your loved one abuses drugs, the more likely they get sick and experience other adverse health effects. Prolonged drug abuse can damage a person's mental health as well. You or your loved one may show physical signs like flushed skin, dilated pupils, scars, nosebleeds, skin sores, excessive weight loss, heart problems, and many more. 

Putting Your Lives In Danger

Drug abuse changes the way a person thinks and acts. When you or a loved one are addicted to drugs, you're regularly putting your life or others in danger since drug use is your priority rather than your safety. You may be driving while high, engaging in risky sexual behavior, and continuing to use drugs despite knowing that you become angry and violent towards things when high.

Inability To Stop Yourself 

Another sign of drug addiction is when you or a loved one promises to stop using drugs, but you cannot do so. The consequences may seem minor at first, but the consequences can go from minor to major because of how dangerous the drug is. At that point, you or your loved one needs to seek professional help. 

Difficulty Functioning Regularly

When you are addicted to drugs, your ability to function regularly is compromised. So, if you or a loved one is neglecting duties at work or school, household responsibilities, and even finances, it's a sign of drug addiction. There is no way to care for someone else when you're addicted, keep up with good lives, and maintain good standing at school or work. When you or a loved one loses control over life, seeking professional treatment is crucial.

Professional Drug Rehab Indianapolis At Hickory Recovery Network

At Hickory Recovery Network, we're one of the top rehab centers in Indiana. All treatment is highly personalized and tailor-made to suit your needs. We can help you, and your loved one overcome drug addiction and start living a healthy and more fulfilled life. We protect every patient's confidentiality and conform to high ethical standards. 

Contact us today at 1-800-604-2117 to find out more about our treatment options and admissions.

drug rehab Indianapolis
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drug rehab Indianapolis
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drug rehab Indianapolis drug rehab Indianapolis