Emergency Dental Calgary

Emergency Dental Calgary

We know you may be under too much pressure and just wanting the pain to go away. Look no further. Our Calgary AB emergency dentistry will guide you through what truly is a dental emergency so it can be over before you even realize it!

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are any treatment procedure to reduce any patient's buccal pain and discomfort, in which the situation is not life-threatening.

If you have reached the point of suffering pain, it is usually because quite a time has passed from the actual damage. This allowed the damageto progress and make your oral health deteriorated due to sustained neglect of your oral hygiene. In most emergency cases, patients are in need to be seen by a dentist urgently.

And as the best dental clinic in Calgary, we may say; most of the anomalies we frequently treat because of an emergency are dental restorations.

So we just have to say it; please remember to attend your dental appointment regularly. And if you are looking for a Calgary dentist, we will become your trusted family dentist near Calgary. 

One visit and you will love us!


As we said, in most cases, patients who need to be seen urgently require dental restorations.

These consist of a total or partial reconstruction of a tooth or more. Usually, this tooth has deteriorated due to infection, fracture, or wear, generally caused by caries lesions, trauma, or untreated pathologies.

Our team will try to recover in its maximum expression the anatomical shape of your tooth, function, or esthetics by replacing lost, diseased, or irrecoverable tissues during this procedure.

Don't worry; you will be in the best set of hands! We are the best cosmetic dentists in Calgary Alberta.

Why us?

Just five quick reasons:

1. We are open on evenings and weekends

Yes! If you don't have the time to move a meeting or your children's rehearsal during the week, don't worry, we can schedule your appointment right for you to honor your agenda.

2. We follow the latest Alberta Dental Fee Guide

During an emergency, the least you want to think about is the other pain you may experience apart from your toothache; paying the bill. With us, just a quick search on the Alberta Dental Fee guide, and you will know precisely what you will be paying.

3. Emergency walk-ins welcome

Our team is ready to make you feel comfortable and to offer you unexcelled techniques and procedures. Your emergency will be a thing of the past after your visit.

4. We direct bill your insurance

Long calls and back and forward emails to your insurance are the reason keeping you away from your dentistry appointments? You don't have to worry about it anymore. We will direct your bill directly to your insurance, making sure you just think about getting better.

5. New patients and families welcome!

That's right; we will not require a reference for you to come. We are more than happy to welcome you and your family.

Are you suffering any pain or discomfort? Don't wait any longer! Contact us to schedule an appointment https://www.conceptdentistrycalgary.com/appointment

Emergency Dental Calgary
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