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Lakewood Nursing Home

Lakewood Nursing Home

Bethany Nursing and Rehab is a top-rated Lakewood nursing home that offers an array of services from wound care and post-orthopedic care to memory care and cardio/pulmonary therapy. Our certified nurses work closely with our patients to help them heal and recover in a home-like setting.

Benefits of physical therapy

A physiotherapist offers physical therapy to promote healing and fasten recovery following an injury, surgery, or illness. Physical therapy can be used either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other treatments. Patients suffering from cardiopulmonary conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunction, neurological conditions, and sports-related injuries can benefit from physiotherapy. Some of the pluses of physical therapy include:

  • It offers relief from pain and helps manage chronic pain
  • It is a potential treatment approach that can help avoid surgery
  • It offers improved mobility and movement
  • It fastens recovery from injury, surgery, and trauma
  • It aids in recovery from conditions like stroke, paralysis, etc.
  • It improves balance and prevents falls

In our Lakewood nursing home, we also use physical therapy to manage age-related medical conditions. We have the best team of physiotherapists at our rehab center that plays a pivotal role in our patients' recovery journey.

Importance of speech therapy for the elderly

Speech therapy could benefit a senior in several ways from helping them communicate their pain and discomfort to alerting their caregiver about an emergency. We improve the quality of life in elders’ suffering from conditions like stroke and dementia with speech therapy.

Seniors also suffer from less elastic vocal cords and weak larynx muscles as they grow old, which can make communication difficult. With the help of speech therapy, we train our patients on vocal exercises and help them attain improved speech. Furthermore, speech therapy resolves problems related to swallowing, chewing, and reduces the risk of choking in elders.

At our nursing home, we offer speech therapy for patients who have dementia to preserve the cognitive aspects of their communication. Our speech therapists also help stroke patients suffering from language impairment.

Signs that signal the need for memory care

Seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimers need memory care more than regular senior citizens. A memory care unit can benefit such patients in terms of safety, security, and help them with extra care. If you find elders staying in isolation or acting withdrawn, forgetting personal hygiene, and feeling embarrassed to ask for help, it may be time to get them into a memory care unit.

Also, it can be dangerous for elders with dementia or Alzheimers to live alone. Another sign that warns the need for a memory care unit is the deteriorating physical health of seniors. If you find an older person at home suddenly lose a lot of weight or find them forgetting their medications or suffer from incontinence, start looking for a nursing home where they can get the best quality care.

Contact or visit Bethany Nursing and Rehab today for more information on our treatment and care. Our Lakewood nursing home is a fully-equipped facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced clinical team to assist you in recovery.

Lakewood Nursing Home
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