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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is a top-rated rehab center in Indiana that offers affordable inpatient, outpatient, and medical detox programs for drug and alcohol addiction. We have a team of highly skilled doctors, therapists, and other clinical staff to support you in recovery.

What is motivational interviewing in addiction treatment?

Motivational Interviewing is a useful technique used in addiction treatment to strengthen a recovering addict's commitment to sobriety. Lack of motivation becomes one of the biggest concerns when it comes to attaining sobriety and avoiding relapse. Motivational interviewing helps recovering addicts overcome their insecurities, pessimistic thoughts, fears, and instills ambition and determination to get sober and maintain it at all times.

The fundamental concepts of MI make it stand out from other therapies. Each MI session is called an interview where patients are encouraged to create a set of realizable goals for themselves with the help and motivation of a therapist.

Role of a motivational interview in avoiding relapse

MI is all about recovering addicts encouraging themselves to adopt treatment programs and make honest efforts in recovery. MI encourages recovering addicts to set goals and stay motivated in the recovery process. MI techniques are highly beneficial for recovering addicts to maintain sobriety in the long term.

While most individuals feel like they are submitting to a rehab facility when they sign in for addiction treatment, MI goes beyond that. MI aims to make patients feel empowered, self-sufficient, and become their own therapist in fostering change. The concept of MI is that each patient can bring about a change within them by creating self-accountability for their actions. This makes MI one of the most effective therapies in avoiding drug relapse in patients after rehab.

Is OARS effective in treating addiction?

OARS is a technique used to improve interpersonal communication skills in recovering addicts. OARS stands for Open questions, affirming strengths, reflecting unspoken thoughts, and summarizing. OARS sessions are therapeutic interactions between a therapist and the recovering addict and are a subdivision of motivational interviewing.

  • O (Open questions) - Therapists ask questions to patients to develop a two-way conversation and to encourage active participation on the part of the patient in the session.
  • A (Affirming strengths) - The therapist offers positive feedback and compliments to the patient on their progress, and efforts in treatment. This encourages individuals to feel motivated and to set bigger, bolder goals in the recovery process.
  • R (Reflecting thoughts) - Here, therapists try to read a patient's mind and his/her unspoken thoughts. The therapists put forward such thoughts to the patient in the form of statements.
  • S (Summarizing) - This is the final leg of the session where the therapist sums up all the concerns, and revelations discussed with the patient during the session.

Call or visit Indiana Inpatient Rehab today for more details on how we help our patients on their journey towards recovery. At our rehab center in Indiana, we also offer a variety of effective evidence-based psychotherapies to treat the co-occurring mental disorders.

Rehab Center In Indiana
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Rehab Center In Indiana
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Rehab Center In Indiana Rehab Center In Indiana