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Rehab Riverside Services

Rehab Riverside Services

Recovering from a world of drug and substance abuse is not an easy journey. For some individuals, it may take a lifelong commitment of hard work and dedication. Recovery may be difficult, but with the help of professional Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers, you can start your journey to sobriety. 

Why choose us?

Medically assisted treatment

Some addiction needs partial treatment using the medicine. These medicines complement other forms of therapy. We provide medically assisted treatment appropriate for your situation for patients recovering from opioids, alcohol, or nicotine addiction.

Family programs

A sound support system increases a patient's likelihood of staying sober after treatment. Your family is the most powerful support for you as you recover. However, some families may not know how to support each other. We teach family members how to communicate and function during family therapy sessions. Family therapies can be beneficial to teenagers and adolescents receiving treatment.

Individually designed care

One of the essential aspects that make our rehab one of the top rehab centers in Riverside is the tailor-made treatment program. The program supports patients in every step by providing individual therapy sessions custom-made to meet an individual’s specific needs. 

We help patients find the best coping mechanism that will help them cultivate self-compassion and find purpose in life. We engage patients in coping mechanisms such as self-soothing techniques, exercise, and productive activities that help them in their recovery journey. 

Professional staff

Our professionally trained staff includes therapists, counselors, and spiritual mentors certified and trained in the field of helping people suffering from drug and substance abuse. Our team also includes registered nurses, psychologists, dieticians, and medical doctors. We offer various individual, family, group, and pastoral counseling sessions to assist our patients in coping with painful moments productively. 

Accreditation and affiliations

For you to be accredited, you need to pass some strict procedures and guidelines. We are accredited by CARF, which serves as a testimony to the success of our rehabilitation services.

Mental health services

Mental health problems a significant role in driving substance use- behavior in patients with drug addiction. Regardless of when the problem started, whether before or after using a substance, mental health effects encourage addiction. Conditions such as anxiety and depression occur concurrently with substance abuse.

Serene Environment

Most patients love tranquility respond well to treatment in such an environment. Our facility offers physical comfort and a welcoming atmosphere. 

Financial options

We care about our patients getting well and do what we can to make treatment affordable. We offer financing options such as sliding scale payments and assist patients with handling their insurance provider paperwork. 

Aftercare services

Riverside drug rehab facilities must have an aftercare package. We treat patients to prepare them to return to a drug-free life. We provide training in relapse prevention and life skills. Our goal is to get you clean and also to help you stay that way.

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Rehab Riverside Services

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Rehab Riverside Services Rehab Riverside Services Rehab Riverside Services